Location: Jos, Plateau State.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Abundant Food through Farming, Processing and Distribution.

How do I become a member?

The requirement for registration or enrollment Include:

Valid  ID National ID/international passport /driver’s 

Proof of address-water bill / electric bill

Registration fee of N10,000.00 only

Passport photo for membership ID

Bank details 

How do I benefit being a member?

As a member you enjoy several benefits on enrollment bellow, but not limited to it:

Access to training and materials 

Low interest loan 

Business advisory 

Group collaboration 

Thrift services

Investment opportunities 

Registration as a small/medium enterprise

How much can I save at a time?

-You can save from as low as N200 daily with no upper limit

When am I eligible for a loan after joining?

The cooperative law requires you to save upward of a period of 90 days. We however consider members who show enough commitment to save without default 

How much am I entitle to borrow?

You can borrow three times of what you have saved, which is subject to you been guaranteed by another active saving member and another external guarantor

What is the maximum tenure or period available on loan?

The maximum tenure or period for business improvement loan is 6 months, however, special loan products have longer maximum period 

How do I contribute for thrift service?

Each member is to save a mandatory minimum of N2, 000 per month and N1,000 monthly dues. Saving can also be done on daily or weekly basis into the cooperative’s account as provided here

How do I access any of these services where I am?

These services are not limited to farmers within Jos but wherever you are nationwide. This form will enable us meet you at your point of need.

What do you mean by registration of member as small/medium enterprise?

We are committed to encouraging our members to professionalize their business through registration with relevant body e.g CAC, SMEDAN, ITF etc. This give our members upper hand to access government support.