Location: Jos, Plateau State.

Our New Product “Combo 7”

Abundant Food through Farming, Processing and Distribution.

Our New Product “Combo 7”

Are you tired of just feeding your kids pap or in need of more affordable and nutritious cereal mix that is filling to the stomach and so easy to make at any time of the day?
Look no further COMBO 7 IS THE ANSWER
Good thing its great for diabetics person, nursing mothers, adult and kids as early as 6months.

Rich in Protein, Energy, Low Carbohydrates, Fibre, and Minerals

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  1. Zechariah Mbaya says:

    Great packaging great product. Good for household, students, military and more due its easy-to -use nature and can be use anytime of the day.
    Good for persons with diabetics, nursing mothers, adult and children of upto 6months

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